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(/) You are thin and or tall 
( ) You like/wear suits
(x) You constantly feel that you're surrounded by idiots
(x) You're pale
(x) You enjoy the forest
( ) You follow people
(/) You enjoy having authority
(x) You like to mess with people. As in, picking up and throwing people (if you can't, then you would if you could) 
(/) You have one or more people who you're the boss of
(x) You enjoy being alone
Total: 6

Jeff the Killer
( ) You prefer a knife for a weapon 
(x) Rabid fans scare the hell out of you
(/) You're vain
(/) You're insane
(/) You enjoy fighting
( ) You're arrogant
( ) You enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror 
(/) You often find you can't catch a break 
(x) You enjoy being up/out at night
(x) You get paranoid about things
Total:  5

Eyeless Jack
(X) You favor certain types of meat products (liver, leg, ribs, etc)  
( ) You're good with a scalpel
( ) You're good at sneaking around
(x) You often wear dark clothing
(x) Blood doesn't bother you 
( ) Organs fascinate you
(X) You have a lot of self control
( ) You have good hand eye coordination
(/) You're good at hiding
(x) You're quiet
Total:  5.5

BEN Drowned
( ) You're good at computers
( ) You've hacked something before
(x) You enjoy video games
( ) You like to get high
( ) You're a bit of a pervert 
( ) You don't like water 
(x) You're on the internet a lot
(X) You enjoy messing with people
(x) You don't like doing what people tell you
(/) You snack a lot
Total:  4.5

Smile Dog
( ) You enjoy having your photo taken
(x) You enjoy going outside
( ) You often give people information and tell them to pass it on
(x) You enjoy treats every now and then
( ) You enjoy photo manipulation
( ) You have a nice smile
(X) You like dogs
(/) You like attention
(/) You enjoy naps
(/) You like your teeth
Total:  4.5

The Rake
( ) You have long/sharp nails
(x) You get irritated easily
(x) You have beautiful eyes
(/) You enjoy small spaces or rooms
( ) You're sick of a joke(s) being made about you
(x) You run fast 
( ) You can't take a joke
(/) You snap easily 
( ) When you get angry it's hard to control yourself
(x) You don't like being accused of things
Total: 5

( ) You're good at picking things up with your feet
( ) You can do things with your feet that you can with your hands
( ) You're generally good with your feet.
(x) You enjoy simple things
( ) You like hugs
(x) You enjoy walks
( ) You have a strong kick
(/) You enjoy talking
( ) You have many amusing stories, all of which may not be true
(X) If you were a pony you'd be an alicorn princess and give free waffles to the needy. Because you can.
Total:  3.5

( ) You like making friends
( ) You enjoy hugs
( ) You enjoy going to/throwing parties
(x) You like sweets
(/) Sometimes your personality can get a little out of hand
( ) Sometimes you don't know your own strength. 
( ) You like colors, especially rainbows
(x) You enjoy games
(x) You like to have fun 
(/) You get scary when you're angry
Total:  4

(x) You look fabulous (BD)
(/) You feel fabulous
(X) You are, in fact, fabulous
( ) You have an attitude 
(x) You enjoy compliments
( ) You plan what to wear
( ) You have many accessories
( ) You take fashion seriously 
(/) When people insult you, you snap
(x) You're sarcastic
Total:  5

( ) You have a favorite drink that you are often seen with
(x) You love trolling people
( ) You're good at parkour
(/) You're good at sneaking around
(/) You know a language other than English 
( ) You're sexy and you know it
( ) You're overprotective
(x) You enjoy tricks and pranks
(/) You often wear black or white
(x) You enjoy being mysterious
Total:  4.5

( ) You smoke
(/) You get angry easily
(x) Little things irritate you
(x) You have a soft side 
( ) You're in denial of said soft side
(/) You're violent 
(/) You can change your voice easily
(x) You enjoy the shadows 
(/) You're harsh 
( ) You can deceive people easily
Total:  5

(/) You're good at crafts
(/) People have described you as cute
(x) You like cats
( ) You enjoy hugs
( ) You don't really know the boundaries of personal space
( ) You're oblivious to many things
( ) your mindset is innocent
(/) You love your friends, even if they don't love you back
(/) You're happy most of the time
( ) You don't swear
Total: 3


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